The Truth Anchor Is Born

The primary responsibility of the newspaper like other mass media is to inform, educate and entertain.

For many years now the newspaper has passed through various development stages especially in Nigeria, where like in many African countries have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

However, in spite of daunting socio-economic and political challenges, the Nigerian media especially the Newspapers have made significant progress.

The media have continued to play a crucial role in national development and they have helped to promote the nation’s democracy. There is no doubt that the media is an important factor in promoting democracy and the rule of law.

Therefore democracy will be meaningless without free, neutral and active media. The media have valid credentials for contributing toward improvement in every facet of societal life.

However, it is the way that the media perform each of these functions that would go to test the avowed claim of contributing to national development.

Our democracy will not flourish if we do not have truthfully informed citizens, genuine freedom of the press and freedom of information which are the cornerstones of any true democracy. Undue politicization and the use of social media have overwhelmed the media.

The spread of malicious lies and the ineffectiveness of fact-finding, appear to challenge a fundamental cornerstone of ethical journalism. A deeply-flawed and politicized press is inimical both to the practice of true journalism and nurturing of our young democracy.

On the other hand, some Newspapers, since the country’s return to civil rule, have thrown caution to the wind to engage in propaganda, half-truths, outright lies and other forms of unprofessional practices with impunity. Unfortunately, the regulatory bodies concerned NUJ, the Nigerian Press Council etc have not been able to tame the ‘rioting’ media in this regard One of the most disturbing features of the press in Nigeria is what might be rightly called speculative journalism. Some devote a large amount of space, resources and efforts to reporting phantom stories, of course, such happenings must be dealt with at length and seriously, but too often this type of journalism is carried to the length of under-reporting the ‘normal’ events.

The act of error in news judgment, willful deceit, total disdain for truth, unprofessionalism and unholy alliance with some unpatriotic elements especially the political class in a bid to settle scores is frightening and has assumed a serious dimension.

Therefore The Truth Anchor is born to rebuild trust and quality journalism. We are committed to being truthful, resolute and undeterred in pursuing our journalism. At a time factual information is a necessity, we believe that citizens deserve access to accurate reporting with integrity.

The Truth Anchor will strive to be among the most dependable, reliable and authoritative tabloids and will remain an apolitical general interest news medium with bias for development journalism, social justice, and good government.

As a serious-minded privately-owned Newspaper, The Truth Anchor will ensure balanced coverage of events and will at all times uphold the ethics of the Journalism Profession.

We aspire for excellence and we are going to use the paper to showcase Nigeria in a positive light but to draw the attention of appropriate authorities to areas that need urgent action.

As an apolitical newspaper, The Truth Anchor will be free from pecuniary and political interests and will not be influenced by any.

The Truth Anchor seeks to be a platform to facilitate public debate not only around important problems but also to moderate seamless public discussions. We will strive to effectively represent the will and conscience of the people and will reflect their fears, grievances, hopes, and frustrations. We will ensure that our democracy lives.

We will ensure fairness, objectivity, and truth in all our publications as part of our commitment to promote sound democracy, good governance, rule of law and professionalism.

Trust us. That is why we are born!